Accredited Exercise Scientists

What is an Accredited Exercise Scientist?


Accredited exercise scientists (AESs) hold an undergraduate degree in the field of exercise and sports science. They specialise in the design, implementation and evaluation of exercise and physical activity for healthy people. They provide programs for improving general health, the prevention of chronic diseases, health promotion and enhanced sports performance. AESs work in hospitals, community health units, workplaces, gymnasiums and in education.

An AES working in a gymnasium can:

  • create an exercise program that helps you achieve your fitness goals
  • instruct you in the right way to do the exercises
  • monitor your progress and adapt the program so you continue to improve
  • provide encouragement and feedback on your progress.


An AES who works in a hospital or in community health may assist you by:

  • delivering general health programs
  • running a group fitness session
  • supervising exercise programs set by an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist
  • performing a cardiac test or fitting a cardiac monitoring device
  • monitor a sleep test.


In the workplace an AES can:

  • perform workplace health testing
  • run workplace health education programs
  • take corporate exercise classes
  • perform recruitment fitness testing.


Accredited exercise scientists are also involved in educating personal trainers and in research projects.

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