The countdown is on for Exercise Right Week 2017


Who’s your match? – Getting to know your expert of exercise!


Do you know who the right exercise professional is for your requirements, do you know your options?


Everyone is unique, and so are our requirements. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to exercise, and with new exercise trends appearing every week, it can be confusing and harmful to our health and well-being to exercise without the guidance of the right exercise expert.


With so many claiming to be exercise experts, it can be overwhelming to know who to consult for advice.



We want to demonstrate to all Australians the importance of seeking the right, qualified, exercise expert for their requirements, and inform them of who that might be.


Through out the week we will be highlighting Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Accredited Exercise Scientists and Accredited Sports Scientists and how they have a positive impact on health in society.

Download the Exercise Right Week 2017 Toolkit for Free Posters and social media resources for before and after the Exercise Right Week 2017 Campaign.