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5-10 years ago, mainstream media had a lot to answer for in terms of portraying unrealistic body image ideals. However, the tables started to turn and it became common knowledge that celebrities appearing in magazines and ad campaigns were digitally modified so that they appeared to have no imperfections, blemishes, cellulite, lumps or bumps regardless of their shape or size – just perfectly edited toned, tanned torsos.  We started to not compare ourselves as much or have unrealistic expectations as we were fully aware these images literally weren’t real and looked at them with a critical eye. Fast forward to 2016 and...

Ah body image, that feeling we all face when we roll out of bed, a bit disheveled, feeling a bit flabbier, more tired, haggered and greying than usual.   That perception of our own physical appearance that then motivates or haunts our behavior for the day that follows. For some of us we may shrug it off, accept that we’re getting a tad older and rounder on the edges, but for others, a negative relationship with our body image may be driving us towards unhealthy behaviors.   The Connection Between Body Image and Exercise   The association between body image and exercise participation has manifested in such...

Social media is fantastic in connecting people all over the world. Recipes, mini-workouts, health products and fitness fashion. Everything is virtually (excuse the pun) available at the touch of a button. The problem: It offers a false sense of reality. This is not the real world people!

  Checking-in to a gym and posting gym selfies has two effects; it either leaves people feeling inspired or feeling self- conscious. Hash tags such as #cleaneating and #foodporn represent two things; restrictive eating or gorging. What on earth happened to common sense and enjoying life in moderation? All we have become is a self-absorbed society.  

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  Health and fitness has become more about punishing your body after you’ve had a #cheatmeal. Health and fitness has become more about looking aesthetically pleasing. Health and fitness has become what society exposes you to. What does a fit and healthy person look like anyway? Guaranteed we will all have a different answer.

3 T's - Tall, Tanned, Thin

  Females are striving for the 3 T’s – Tall, Tanned, Thin and then we have the complexity of our male counterparts, struggling between their #bulking and #shredding phases. It is alarming how easily manipulated young people become by this ‘fake’ world. They are drawn into the social media images and think that they are authentic and inspirational. Just like filters can illustrate a person’s “perfect” life, that person can also ‘filter’ what they want to show. We rarely see the whole picture. We only see a highlight reel of someone’s’ life. When consulting with our patients, we often ask for their goals. We hear responses such as: “I want an a*** like Kim K” or “I want to look skinny like Miranda Kerr.” Don’t get us wrong, these women are beautiful in their own right. How can the public avoid these people when they are flooding our newsfeeds and headlines? What ever happened to having the realistic ambition of being the best version of you?