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15 Habits of Those Who Exercise Regularly and Successfully

One of the hardest parts of getting fitter and stronger is actually making exercise a habit. Habits take time and determination.

Each one of us is all guilty of making up a hundred excuses as to why we can’t move get off the couch. Too tired? Too cold? Too stressed? Don’t have the time?

We decided we get in touch with a bunch of Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists to find out what makes them move and what habits we need to develop. (Let’s face it, these people have learnt to love exercise and make it a daily habit to move, so who better to ask?)

15 Exercise Habits You Need To Adopt


  1. They always do SOMETHING.
    Just do some kind of movement. Even 20 minutes. Even 10 minutes. Even 5 minutes. Something is always better than nothing.


  1. They get their family and friends involved.
    Keep it social and fun. Having others involved increases accountability, which is proven to increase adherence and hence results.


  1. They prepare.
    I roll my mat out/get my clothes and shoes out and ready the night before as a visual reminder.


  1. They take in the outdoors.
    I am lucky enough to walk around the beach and harbour every morning, and I take regular snaps of sunrises, storms and the occasional marine wildlife. They serve as excellent motivators, as the sunrise in winter is by far the most beautiful.


  1. They consciously remember how they feel when they don’t exercise.
    I try to remember how tired/stiff/crap I feel on the days when I don’t drag myself out of bed.


  1. They make every step count.
    Every little bit counts. Be active in as many ways as possible throughout the day. Take the stairs, have walking meetings, get off public transport a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.


  1. They always make it fun.
    Do something you enjoy and is fun. Variety if the key to prevent boredom!


  1. They keep spare equipment and clothes at the ready.
    I always keep exercise clothes and joggers in the car, just in case.


  1. They stand more than sit.
    No matter what, I always find ways to avoid sitting down for long periods of time.


  1. They always plan their exercise.
    Failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan your physical activity/exercise for the day the day/week before and then work backwards with other commitments from there.


  1. They seek out expert guidance coaching.
    I seek the advice of a professional, like an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, to make sure I am getting the most out of my body and to suit my individual needs.


  1. They pick exercise that good for their body.
    There is no point doing an exercise that hurts me, I choose what I know gives me the best chance of sticking to my exercise program.


  1. They play the long game.
    I remember that this is not just a fad, I am moving to keep my body in the best shape – I want to grow old gracefully and healthy!


  1. They set achievable goals.
    It’s so important to set a goal – maybe a weight loss goal, achievement goal to lift a certain weight or walk a certain distance.


  1. They track their movement.
    Activity trackers put your daily and weekly progress into perspective. Especially handy for reminders to reduce sitting time every hour.


If you need some help getting started, talk to an expert. We’ve got over 5000 Accredited Exercise Professionals available all around Australia.

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