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5 Tips to foolproof your morning exercise routine

If you’re that morning person who jumps out of bed, puts on their sneakers, and bounds out the door for your workout… Congrats (and also, please share your secrets).

But for the rest of us, morning exercise doesn’t always go so smoothly. Despite our best intentions and setting that optimistic 5:00am alarm (seriously, who are we kidding), it doesn’t seem to come together. We hit snooze (just five more minutes), we make excuses, we run out of time, and finally, we skip the workout completely (there’s always next Monday, right?).

If that sounds familiar, we get it.

Morning exercise… Is it worth it?

Even though there’s no “perfect” time of the day to workout when it comes to your health, there are a few good reasons for doing your workout early. There are definitely less distractions or thing “popping up” in the morning, compared to after work. Morning exercise also boosts your energy levels and improves your mood.

So, how can you become a morning exerciser? We asked Accredited Exercise Scientist, Liz Nelson, for her tips on fool proofing your morning exercise routine…

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1. Stop focusing on weight loss

Although weight loss might be your goal, it isn’t always the best motivator for getting up at 5am. Why? Because weight loss takes time, and we human prefer instant gratification! So rather than thinking of exercise as just a way to “burn fat”, try focusing on its more immediate benefits.

Focus on how it boosts your confidence and instantly improves your mood. Focus on how much more energy you have on the days you work out. Go on, try it (and the fat loss will come, we promise!).

2. Do something you enjoy

We’ve all heard it before: The best type of exercise is one that you enjoy. Why? Because you will not (I repeat, WILL NOT) stick to something that you hate. Find something you actually like doing, and it will not only be more sustainable, but you might even have fun (gasp).

3. Phone a friend

Making a commitment to meet friends for an exercise session can be an excellent motivator for a reluctant morning person. You’re way less likely to hit snooze if it means you’re disappointing someone.

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4. Set goals (and make sure they’re S-M-A-R-T)

Knowing that you’re working towards something helps. Want to do a fun run or even just be able to make it up the stair at work without puffing (go on without me)? Well, these are great things to focus on when it’s pitch-black outside and your phone alarm is beeping relentlessly at you.

5. Eat, or don’t!

Finally the big question – exercising on a full or empty stomach? Studies show it makes no difference overall to weight loss. A great strategy is to have a piece of fruit before you head out for your morning exercise if you do feel hungry, and have breakfast on your return. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

Still need help?

Everyone needs a little extra motivation sometimes! If you’re struggling to make regular exercise a part of your morning routine, then an Exercise Scientist can help. They are university-qualified exercise professionals who can help with motivation and prescribe safe, effective exercise programs to get you back on track.  

To find an Accredited Exercise Scientist near you, click here.

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