6 Exercise Warning Signs You Need To Be Aware Of

So you try and complete some kind of exercise everyday – fantastic! You enjoy nothing more than to get the blood pumping and the sweat flowing, but do you know what signs to look out for when things go wrong?


We spoke to an accredited exercise physiologist who gave us a low down on the key signs to keep an eye out for.

6 Exercise Warning Signs


1. Chest Pain

This may not be your ‘usual’ movie type of chest pain. Pain can occur not only in your chest but also in your arms, shoulders, neck, jaw and back. Do you know the full signs of a heart attack? Ladies, this goes for you to. Read more on heart attacks here.

2. Breathing Difficulties

Are you extremely out of breath? If you are not able to catch your breath during exercise, chances are you are over exerting yourself. If this does not improve over time or as you improve your fitness talk to your local GP.

3. Sweat

We all sweat when we exercise, some more than others. If you are sweating more than you normally are it may be because you are working too hard. Slow down and have a rest.

4. Feeling Dizzy

Do you feel dizzy or light headed when you exercise? If so take a break and if it persists, go and talk to your GP.

5. Numbness or Tingling

You should never feel either of these sensations – either when doing a cardio or strength work out. If it continues it would be wise to have a professional give you some advice.

6. Feeling ‘off’

We all have off days where we feel unwell, experiencing too much pain or feel uncharacteristically tired. It is ok to have a day off now and then. Resume your usual routine when you feel well again.

Remember, if you are starting out with exercise, start slowly and at a pace that is good for you. You may not be as fit as you think you are so keep this in mind and don’t injure yourself! If you have any concerns about how to start your exercise journey then contact an Accredited Exercise Professional.


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