What is an Accredited Exercise Scientist, and how can they help?

You could be forgiven for not knowing exactly what an Accredited Exercise Scientist does and I don’t blame you. With the increase of exercise and allied health professionals covering multiple fields, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what do they do, why, and who’s the best for me!

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Let’s start with the basics:

An Accredited Exercise Scientist is a professional with a three-year degree specifically covering subjects such as; biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, athletic training, and fitness for special population groups.

After being verified by the Exercise & Sports Science Australia association, an Accredited Exercise Scientist is able to work within many fields inclusive of private and professional health clinics, government – local, state and federal working as health educators, fitness centres as personal trainers, research institutions, cardiac testing units, and varied positions within sporting organisations and high performance departments.

What can an Accredited Exercise Scientists do for me?

After looking at their qualifications and relevant fields I know what you’re thinking, how can one help me?

If you are looking for an exercise prescription specialist able to help you and get you fit whilst losing those extra kilos, or need some assistance with your rehabilitation program (as prescribed by your Accredited Exercise Physiologist), or perhaps even looking to improve your sporting performance, these guys are for you.

As an example, perhaps it’s not actual training assistance you’re after but some general health guidance. Perhaps you would like to enhance your knowledge on some important principals that can assist your health and well-being, along with how to manage your risk factors for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

This is where an Accredited Exercise Scientist comes in – they are trained to undertake a host of health and exercise assessments. A health assessment may include blood pressure measurement, anthropometry, exercise prescription and basic nutritional analysis – these are all big words but it gives the professional the chance to give you the best exercise prescription.

The right exercise and lifestyle modification plan can lead to improved health and well-being not to mention piece of mind.

Health assessments can vary but all aim to give you goals and action plans to enhance your daily living habits and ultimately improve your current health condition and lifestyle.


Great – But where can I find an Accredited Exercise Scientist?

So whether it’s for fitness goals, specific sport performance or a general health checkup to improve your quality and longevity of life, take that next step and find an Accredited Exercise Scientist near you.

Blog contributor bottom banner_Kelly Ashton

From her studies in a Bachelor and Exercise and Sport Science and currently completing a master’s in clinical rehab, Kelly hopes to improve people’s lifestyle habits and behaviours, along with training people for any sport specific goals.