Aussie Men are stronger than they think

Men’s health in the 21st century seems to be promoted as having the latest gadgets (for fitness of course!), updating your online status, getting in shape for summer, buying the top 10 vanity products and having a diet full of “superfoods”. Trying to keep up with the demands of society and ourselves can be overwhelming and our mental and physical health can suffer.

We recommend taking a step sideways, not back… and think about your current self. How is your physical health? Not in terms of bulging muscles or how long you can run, but in terms of body fat, aches and pains, posture… How is your mental health? Do you feel good and happy most of the time? Have you set some goals lately? How about your diet and sleep… do you drink enough water? Do you feel tired or fatigued all the time?

Most men wouldn’t admit to thinking of themselves as macho or alpha or invincible, but they also wouldn’t easily admit something is wrong with their health and ask for help.


We believe men have every right to feel macho and manly – think of the amazing things that men do every day:


  • Career – Men have some of the toughest and physically demanding jobs, not to mention mentally demanding!
  • Relationships – Balancing home, social and work relationships is mentally and emotionally demanding. Babies, kids, pets, mates, co-workers, parents, siblings and partners – everyone wants a piece!


Then there’s the professionals:


  • Sporting Extremes – Body building Ronnie Coleman, Mr Olympia for eight years running, or Herbert Nitsch, World Free Dive Champion at 830 feet, or Jared Tallent, Male Athlete of the Year for his 50km walk in Rio 2016.


Reaching the status of best in your field is achieved with clear goals, dedication, strong physical and mental health and good old grit and determination.

If you think you can improve on your current situation (and I’m sure we all can!) then you just need to set some goals and seek help from health professionals if you need to! Start small and set realistic goals. Seek advice from your doctor, physio, dietitian, Accredited exercise physiologist, etc., to help you achieve your goals.

Once you have reached those, celebrate your victory and set another goal!

We would like to redefine men’s health in the 21st century – you don’t need to be attending the gym seven days a week, have all the gadgets under the sun, or have a certain number of Instagram followers. You just need to believe that you are strong and manly and can improve your current self.

Get your DUCKS in order:


D             Doctors – regular check-ups, prevention is the key.

U             Understand your goals – start small and grow from there.

C             Check on your mates – make that call and organise a catch-up.

K             Kick your mental & physical limitations – you are stronger than you think!

S              Succeed – be happy with yourself, your career, your relationships, with life!