Be an exercise BFF

Why you need to step up and become an exercise BFF

We all have that one friend that we tease.

Are you eating another chocolate bar?”

Do you do anything but watch Friends?”

Well, we think it’s about time you take a stand and become and Exercise BFF. You may completely underestimate the power you can have on your friends and their health and activity levels. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking differently?


Four reasons why you need to become an ‘Exercise BFF’



Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is getting off the couch, putting on your sneakers and hitting the pavement but little gentle nudge from you might get your BFF moving.

If that was the case, imagine what it would be like if you texted them every day and said – “Right, it’s time to move!”?

Many studies have shown that with a little support and encouragement from friends (and even a virtual partner) can boost our participation.


Studies have shown that we love a little bit of competition. It makes us work harder.

When we talk about competition, we don’t mean you have to out run, our lift or our sweat your exercise buddy – it means giving each other the little edge you need to push your mind through barriers that hold you back from more physical activity.

Some of you may also have heard of The Köhler Effect – it’s essentially is a phenomenon that occurs when a person works harder as a member of a group than when working alone. Essentially, we don’t want to let anyone down so we perform at our peak to keep going!

Mental Health

Exercise and physical activity are absolutely essential to maintaining good mental health. Couple this with social interaction and you have a winning combo!

Use your BFF Exercise Time as a way to not only get the body in shape but also as a time for mindfulness and connection. Go for a walk through the park and chat about your worries and stresses and generally unwind for the day. Take the time to ask – R U OK?

Long Term Change

A Stanford University study found that study participants who received a bi-weekly check-in phone calls were still exercising at the increased level even after 18 months. This shows that even the smallest of gestures and commitment from you can lead to long term lifestyle modification.


Top Tips to be an Exercise BFF

  • Set a plan of attack for you both – make it measurable and give yourselves a target. For example, together you will complete the 5km fun run by March.
  • Make positive messaging a key tool – don’t ‘guilt’ your bestie into moving, instead use encouraging words that will help them feel positive about themselves and make them want to more.
  • Stay in touch – take your role seriously and maintain contact, if you want your friend to be in this for the long run, you have to as well! Maybe a little motivation message every week might help?
  • Be aware of any health issues – if you or your friend have any health concerns, always consult and accredited exercise professional before starting on your exercise journey.
  • Treat yourselves – It’s important to reward your good work, steer clear of food treats or anything that can undo your good work. Perhaps a trip to a day spa or a weekend getaway?


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