Best Wet Weather Exercise Ideas

As Australia starts to experience winter and the big wet, we see exercise levels drop. But wet weather doesn’t have to rain on your exercise parade.


One study suggests that rain can have the largest negative effect on your physical activity levels! We mean, who loves running in the rain?

Wet weather outside may mean we can’t just go out for a run or walk, so it’s at this point we have to start using our imagination.

As with all exercise we suggest you create a plan, set some goals and seek advice from an Accredited Exercise Professional if you have any concerns about your health before you take on any vigorous exercise.


Exercise Right’s Best Wet Weather Exercise Ideas


1. Upstairs, downstairs

If you are lucky enough to have a staircase in your house, there’s the perfect tool to work on your cardio levels. Set yourself a target to reach and walk up and down those stairs focussing on the strength in your legs, engaging your core and pumping those arms.

Just be careful you don’t slip and if you feel pain in your knees it’s time to stop.

2. Free weights

When we talk about free weights, we also mean FREE weights. There is no reason to have an expensive set of dumbbells it’s as easy as grabbing a tin of beans, a full bottle of water or perhaps something even heavier like a sandbag from the garage.

Set yourself a program which encompasses a few different weight exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, one armed rows.

It’s important you don’t forget your legs so include some squats and lunges in there too while holding your weights.

3. Core work

The core is very important to your overall health so ignore it at your peril.

Core work can be done simply on the rug in front of the television and should last for up to 10 minutes. When you look at core exercise, think about including the plank, crunches, superman, v-tucks, t stabilisation and Russian twists. (Have a quick online search to view these exercises).

Complete two or three sets of five core exercises to start off with.

4. Spare Room/Garage Blast

If you have a good amount of space in parts of your house, whether it be a spare room, garage or basement, set up a circuit workout in there that gives you a good cardio and resistance workout.

A circuit includes anywhere between six to 12 exercises done for a short amount of time – e.g. 30 secs. Try and run through these exercises two to three times.

By completing each exercise at your absolute maximum capacity you will be working your body to the max and completing your work out in a short amount of time (and you stay dry inside!) and can be as effective as a 30 minute jog.

If you’d like more inspiration, check out some of our Exercise Right at Home videos.


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