Christmas Workout Wishlist – that won’t break the bank!

Do you have that friend or family member who you always end up buying socks or PJs for, because you’re not sure what to get them? Or maybe you’re the recipient of copious amounts of socks & PJs and want to give your family some subtle hints of what you’d really appreciate for Christmas!

Here’s a workout wishlist, for all budgets!


Water bottle – water bottles somewhere along the way became cool. You can now get glass water bottles, stainless steel water bottles and BPA free water bottles, in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. Useful for both the gym junkie and to take to the office to make sure you’re drinking enough throughout the day!

Yoga Mat – it’s not just yogi’s who love a yoga mat! They’re great for home workouts too.

Headphones – wireless, on ear, in ear…new headphones always make your music that little bit more motivational.

Bluetooth Speaker – for when you want to have the music loud, or work out with friends at home or outdoors!

Gym Bag – there’s something about swinging a new gym bag over your shoulder that makes you feel motivated! These also double as a great weekend away bag.

Bath Salts – a Christmas present for your muscles to say thanks for supporting you and sorry you put them through so much this year!

Scented Candle – an absolute necessity for rest day!

Foam Roller – the best friend you never realised you didn’t have!

Gym towel – the thing you always forget and immediately regret when you’re having to mop your brow on your t-shirt. Tip: look for a microfiber towel, they’re lightweight and super absorbent (and quick drying!)

Smartphone holder – there’s nothing more annoying than your headphones getting caught, or not having anywhere to put your phone whilst your hands are busy holding weights. You can get arm or waist versions depending on your preference.

An activity tracker – at the pricier end of the budget, but if being accountable and knowing what your body is doing whilst you workout is what motivates you then you might want to put one of these on your wishlist this year.

Socks – to be fair, by the end of the year these probably aren’t a bad stocking filler for anyone who works out regularly and often wears runners. Everyone knows that washing machines eat socks, so by the end of the year we’re all mixing and matching – starting the year with some fresh, matching, well-fitting sports socks isn’t such a bad idea!


Just in time to share before Christmas shopping commences…