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Enjoying Easter without the waistline blowout

Easter is a fantastic time of year. For many of us, it’s about spending time with family, those school holidays road trips, and let’s be honest – chocolate!

Now, we’re not opposed to treating yourself. Everything in moderation, right? But too many of those calorie dense Easter treats can play havoc with our waistline and health. Working off those Easter eggs and hot cross buns can take longer than you think…

How to burn off Easter snacks

Treat Kilojoules 67kg Female 80kg Male
Solid mini eggs (4)/25g 553kj 40 minute walk 30 minute walk
Hollow egg 9cm long (1)/50g 1106kj 30 minute run 25 minute run
AFL football egg (1)/300g 6636kj 3 hours 5 mins cycle 2.5 hours cycle
Small bunny (1)/100g 2212kj 1 hour 10 minute swim 57 minute swim
Medium bunny (1)/200g 4424kj 3 hours boxercise 2.4 hours
Large bunny (1)/500g 11060kj 3.5 hours squash 2.75 hours squash
Fruit hot cross buns (2)/144g total 1842kj 50 minute run 40 minute run
Fruit hot cross buns (2) with total 1.5 tbsp butter/144g + 30g 2757kj 1 hour 17 mins run 1 hour run
Chocolate chip hot cross buns (1)/67g 1030kj 1.5 hours yoga 1.25 hours yoga

*Calculated from information contained in the Compendium of Physical Activities. Source: abc.net.au

exercise tips

But it’s not all bad news! We asked Accredited Exercise Scientist, Liz Nelson, for her tips on enjoying Easter without the waistline blowout. Here’s what she said…

Try a HIIT workout

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. These short, time-effective workouts where a short high intensity burst of activity is paired with a longer recovery period and repeated for a set time, expends lots of calories and keeps metabolic rate elevated long after the workout is complete.

Enjoy treats in moderation

A balanced life where nutrition is concerned, should not be ALL or nothing. Treat yourself well and choose small high quality indulgences and savour every mouthful. Leave the generally low quality supersized choc bunnies on the shelf.

Focus on activities, rather than food

There are a plethora of options to enjoy – head to the beach, go camping, fishing, cycling or bushwalking or organise a backyard games tournament where the whole family can get involved.

An Easter holiday filled with plenty of fun, activity and the odd treat sounds pretty good, right?

If you need ideas around making healthy changes and exercising more, at Easter or any time of the year, your local exercise expert is here to help!

Liz Nelson - exercise scientist

Liz Nelson is an Accredited Exercise Scientist and freelance writer. Liz provides health related content to a wide range of clientele from fitness professionals to mental health and addiction specialists.