Exercise Changes Lives – Exercise Right Week 2021!

Exercise Right Week 2021 is here, and the message is clear, Exercise Changes Lives!

Exercise Right Week is an annual awareness campaign held in the last full week of May every year. Since its inception in 2014, the campaign has aimed to highlight the benefits of exercise for health and well-being, and to help Australians understand where to get the “right” advice for their individual needs.

The campaign is brought to you by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). ESSA is the peak body for exercise and sports science professionals in Australia and is dedicated to helping Australians live healthier and more active lives.

Exercise has changed lives:

In line with this theme, Exercise Right Week 2021 will feature the stories of five different Australians who have had exercise change their lives for the better. These stories vary across different age groups, injuries, and health conditions, and showcase that movement is certainly for everyone.

Although each story and individual are completely different, the message remains the same – The health benefits of exercise is undeniable and is the tool that allows everyone to live a happier and healthier life.

Do you want to be inspired?

Watch how these unbelievable people have turned their lives around with genuine hard-work and dedication through exercise.

Real-life stories:


Story #1 – Meet Isaac

We introduce 12-year-old Isaac Moala.

12 months ago, a brain tumour was removed from Isaac’s cerebellum which left devastating impacts on his motor control, affecting his coordination, balance and strength.

After intensive rehabilitation, Isaac regained the ability to walk and began seeing Accredited Exercise Physiologists Daniel Ibell and Benjamin Garth.

Now Isaac is mentally and physically at his best and it’s through the support they give him each week.

“I’ve really connected with them and they’re really good friends. I’m very thankful and happy I’ve met them,” explains Isaac.

“I feel more confident in myself, I feel healthier, and I feel mentally stronger as well”.

Isaac’s resilience and determination are remarkable as his recovery journey continues to exceed everyone’s expectations.

“It’s very rewarding to see how he has developed so much in such a short time and how much potential he has to keep on improving,” says Daniel.

To watch Isaac’s story, click here.

Story #2 – Meet Matt

Matt is a single, below-the-knee amputee who lost his leg to a workplace injury five years ago.

He pursued the helped from Accredited Exercise Physiologist Jessica Bitzios, and since working together, exercise has absolutely changed Matt’s life.

As Matt’s journey continues to inspire people around him and with the ongoing support from Jess, he isn’t planning to slow down anytime soon.

“Seeing an Exercise Physiologist has helped me massively, mentally and physically. I’m extremely happy working with one and I have come a long way since 2018, but I’d still like to achieve more,” says Matt.

Matt demonstrates the true power of exercise and how it can play such an uplifting role in life.

“Some days I come in not feeling to good, but I walk out with a smile, I love it and I recommend it to anybody,’ explains Matt.

To watch Matt’s story, click here.

Story #3 – Meet Demi

10-year-old Demi who was born with fibular hemimelia (where part or all of the fibular bone is missing) in her right leg. Before seeing Jess, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Demi was in a wheelchair learning to walk again, but nine months later, all her hard work has paid off as she walks and runs around.

“This [exercise physiology] has made a world of difference to Demi’s world. From go to now, she’s just totally turned the corner,” shared Demi’s dad, Simon.

Demi’s journey is rewarding to see how far she has come from then to now, with Jess praising how exercise can really change someone’s life, for the better.

“One of the best things about exercise is just that it lets people function in their day-to-day life the way that they need to,” explains Jess.

To watch Demi’s story, click here.

Story #4 – Meet James

James, a 19-year old aspiring rugby union player was told he had permanently paralysed his left arm after suffering a severe brachial plexus injury when a tackle went wrong back in 2017.

He began seeing Accredited Exercise Physiologist Leona Mirtschin, who says exercise has helped re-turn around his life from looking quite bleak and with no future, to now something he can look forward to.

Through exercise and the direction of Leona, James has never been in a better place.

“Presently I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. I’ve accomplished so much with Leona through just genuine hard work and repetition and innovation to building on new exercises and watching the results,” shares James.

“I don’t think words could probably do it justice the amount of time and effort that Leona has put into my life. She just gives so much to people and asks nothing in return but just results. She’s one of the greatest people I know”.

To watch James’s story, click here.

Story #5 – Meet Jenny

In 2015, Jenny was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy (CIPD), a rare autoimmune disorder.

Her diagnosis means the nerves in her body are dying and the worst-case scenario will be Demi completely wheelchair bound and needing a full-time carer.

Jenny explored ways to make her day-to-day life easier and met Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Ebony Blackstone.

“I owe a lot to Ebony. She’s given me the strength and power and confidence to go forward and realise my body isn’t completely ridiculous,” says Jenny.

“I don’t think she realises how much of an impact she makes in my life each day”.

Ebony’s on-going support and positivity has been a real influence throughout Jenny’s journey, with the two now sharing special friendship.

“My job, and I believe this is part of my job, is to always be positive and always say ‘take the small wins’”.

Demi’s resilience and charismatic personality can help inspire others to follow.

To watch Jenny’s journey, click here.

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