Why is an exercise plan so important?

When it comes to exercise, the more the better, right? Sometimes, but not always.


We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with information regarding our increasing levels of inactivity. The rising costs of obesity and ill health associated with limited activity levels are largely known and recognised. One could not be blamed for thinking that surely when it comes to exercise, the more the better, right?

In some instances, I would agree.

However, after years working with clients seeking to become more active, I believe the answer to this often isn’t so simple. In order to create true and long lasting behaviour change I now see the value of having a dynamic and targeted plan.

Like anything, exercise carries risk. When going from very limited activity to a lot, we place a huge amount of stress on our muscles, tendons and joints. This alone can increase our risk of injury. Tendons, in particular, are very sensitive to changes in activity and can become inflamed with big changes in how much we do.

From another perspective, our motivation is often highest when we decide to start a new activity or habit. Although this can be a powerful force, we know it takes 6-8 weeks to firmly embed a new habit. If we increase activity in a way which is unsustainable, there is very little chance of us maintaining this new level of activity.

Similarly, there is nothing less motivating than not seeing any results from all your hard efforts. This is where I believe having a plan written by a professional can really make a profound difference.

Once we have established and understand a client’s goals, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist can then guide your exercise choices so that you are most likely to see or feel the results you desire. They can also help you do so in a safe manner which will minimise the risk of injury and build up in such a way that the changes you make are sustainable and long lasting.

For more information, contact your local accredited exercise professional.

Blog contributor bottom banner_Sarah Comensoli

Sarah Comensoli manages a team of EP’s at BJC Health, a multi-disciplinary clinic striving to create best care for those with arthritis. She is passionate about helping those with arthritis and any inflammatory condition better manage their health and fitness.