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Exercise Right Challenge

1 – 30 May 2024

Thanks for joining us for the Exercise Right Challenge from 1 – 30 May 2024! Together we helped create a happier and healthier Australia and raised awareness of the importance of exercising right and seeking qualified exercise advice.

Check back in soon to see how you can get involved in 2025!

Chat to an expert about your exercise needs

To make sure you’re exercising right for your needs, it’s best to chat to an accredited exercise professional.

Exercise Physiologists

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are experts in the prescription of exercise and will work with you to find the best exercises for your ability, wants and needs. AEPs are qualified to work with people with conditions ranging from cancer and arthritis to injuries and disabilities.

Exercise Scientists

Accredited Exercise Scientists (AESs) are university-qualified professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to help improve your health, fitness, and well-being. If you're struggling with motivation to exercise or need guidance to reach your exercise goals, an AES can help you!

Sports Scientists

Accredited Sports Scientists (ASpSs) are university-qualified professionals who can help you to reach your peak performance in your chosen sport, activity or exercise. They are highly trained professionals who help individual athletes and teams to improve their sporting performance.

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