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The message is simple. Exercise is the best, cheapest, and most accessible medicine available, and in order to improve chronic disease mortality rates, people need to move more.


We are partnering with Exercise is Medicine® Australia to help make sure your patients are moving enough and understand how to “Exercise Right” for their individual needs. We encourage all doctors to include a physical activity or exercise assessment as part of their interaction with every patient on each visit.


In partnership with Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) Australia, Exercise Right for Doctors is offering FREE education for both doctors and nurses.


The face-to-face workshops delivered by EIM will earn you CPD points, and are accredited with the RACGP, ANPA & ACRMM.


Time poor? We also offer free online education.

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help your patients move more

Resources for Doctors & Nurses

Find out how can an Accredited Exercise Physiologist help your patients to exercise right?

Exercise can help to prevent, treat and manage a range of chronic conditions. Learn more about the benefits of exercise here.

Use this tool to assess your clients’ physical activity stage of change. Find out how to best direct them after your consultation.

Find out how exercise impacts a range of chronic conditions and illnesses.

Resources for Patients & the General Public

Find out who can help you to exercise right if you’re living with an injury or a chronic condition.

The benefits of exercise are endless. Learn more about how exercise can help your physical and mental health.

Not sure how much exercise you need or how to get started? We’re here to help!

Want to know how to Exercise Right for a range of chronic conditions?