Exercise Right on your next overseas trip

Sun, sea, snacks, cocktails…? Holidays and overseas trips are all about unwinding and enjoying yourself.


If your holiday isn’t action and adventure packed and more like a week or two surrounded by cocktails and coconuts, then it’s easy for our exercise routines go slightly out of the window.

However, there are some things you can do to stay on track, many you probably do already!

Here are some tips to stay on top of your physical activity when overseas:



Make the most of that swimming pool. Whenever you go for a dip, aim to do a few laps each time. Swimming is great for (but not limited to!) cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle tone, joint pain and mental health. Swimming is a great exercise to do on your holidays, the water provides a natural resistance giving you a good workout whilst still soaking up the holiday vibes!


You don’t have to lift weights or consciously exercise to get active. Whilst sightseeing on holiday you’ll  be surprised how many steps you do each day, you’re probably far more active than you think you are!

HITT in the hotel room

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions are perfect when you’re short on time (and maybe motivation!). Dedicate 20-30 minutes first thing to getting your sweat on, then congratulate yourself with breakfast and a cool off in the pool or ocean. Here’s a 30 minute HIIT routine for your hotel room!

HIIT isn’t suitable for everyone however. If you’re not used to this type of training of have any aches, pains or conditions that suggest you shouldn’t do HIIT, you can kick off your morning with a stretching session, walk or swim instead.

See what exercise classes are in the local area

Often hotels run their own yoga or Pilates classes, or there will be a local studio that you can go to casually. There are also a lot of gyms and training centers overseas now that offer classes, so there isn’t any reason for your routine to change if you don’t want it to.

Turn fun into fitness

Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling and other holiday activities all involve moving your body and can be quite the workout!

Remember, holidays are all about enjoying yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do as much physical activity as you would usually do whilst you’re away (you probably do more than you think anyway!).