This Exercise Right Week, inspirational everyday Australians share their Motivation to Move, and tell us how exercise has improved their life and changed their future…


By sharing these exercise journeys, we hope to inspire Australians who may be living with or at risk of a chronic condition to seek the support of an Accredited Exercise Expert such as an Exercise Physiologist or Exercise Scientist, and find their Motivation to Move.

At 31 Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after her diagnosis, she started chemotherapy treatment and underwent a double mastectomy.


See her journey here.

Pauline proudly says that before she commenced her program with her Accredited Exercise Physiologist she was just ‘surviving’ – whereas now she is ‘thriving’ and is now able to fully participate in life, rather than watch from the sidelines.


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38 years ago, Mark suffered a motor vehicle accident which resulted in a severe brain injury, leaving him unable to walk or do many tasks of daily living and in excruciating pain.


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Larry was diagnosed with prostate cancer and since, focusing on being as ‘fit as he can be’ has been his focus.

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Judy was struggling to walk, her knees were starting to seize up and she was getting extremely stiff and Gary had a back injury. They have both made great progress from regular classes with their Accredited Exercise Physiologists.


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Adrian was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and had regular input from exercise physiology sessions throughout his treatment. He used exercise for both his physical and mental health and is so passionate he now plans to pursue a career in the Exercise & Sports Science Industry.

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Trish lives with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Type 2 Diabetes, osteoarthritis, kidney issues, is allergic to lots of medications. She shares with us how exercise has improved her life!

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“I believe the exercise has helped me to control blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. I am certainly fitter and able to do more than many friends of my age.”


Find out about Barry’s journey here.

“The motivation that had kept me going back to one commercial gym after another had evaporated. My retirement triggered a review of this situation. I thought that the ageing process might be slowed if i could commit to more physical activity.”

Find out about Gayles’s journey here.

“Exercise is essential to my health. My blood pressure has never been better, my weight has decreased and I am moving more freely.”

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“My MS is managed much better. I do believe exercise plays a key part in the level of improvement.”

Find out about Antonia’s journey here.

“I have noticed a marked improvement in my health issues and I certainly believe exercise plays a very important part!”

Find out about Rhonda’s journey here.

“I have lost 11 kiolgrams since I started the program 18 months ago. My diabetes and vascular conditions are managed!”

Find out about John’s journey here.