Antonia shares her exercise journey…

How did you come to work with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

My support co ordinator at the MS society got me in touch with Active Ability Exercise Physiology when I was given funding for EP under NDIS. The best thing is that they are a mobile company which come to my home.


What condition or health issue do you work with your Accredited Exercise Physiologist to manage?

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I work with my EP to stretch the lower half of my body because I get a lot of stiffness which is associated with my MS. I also have balance, co ordination and walking troubles so I work through strength exercises with my EP to keep me moving.


Nadia Levenets, Antonia’s exercise physiologist adds; Due to Antonia MS, she presents with a lot of lower limb and lower back stiffness so I work on releasing her tight muscles before we exercise. This optimises length in the muscles and allows us to work with more during the session. Our strength exercises are all completed in the home, I bring all the portable equipment to use and we focus on the leg strength, gait training and balance.

Have you always been active or were you prescribed exercise as part of your treatment management? If not, what were your initial thoughts, did you want to exercise?

I have always engaged in some exercise and physical activity. I used to enjoy swimming and going to the group classes at the MS society in Lidcombe, NSW for exercise. I was excited to begin with my EP Nadia as this program she was giving me was individually tailored.


How did you feel when you started to exercise, what differences did you start to notice for both your physical and mental health?


At first I was tried and sore. I felt my body changing with the weeks that followed. But I can see that the exercise has and is helping me manage my MS. I can see my body adapting to better cope with my MS symptoms (pending on weather, I am heat sensitive).

My mental health is starting to change and I am thinking more positively.

How has your condition or health issue improved, do you believe exercise plays a key part in this level of improvement?

My MS is managed much better. I do believe exercise plays a key part in the level of improvement. The biggest change I have seen is that I can now walk better up the stairs and carry the shopping with my husband. I couldn’t do this before.


What would you say to other people who may have been advised to exercise, who are apprehensive?

Exercise can help anyone with any condition. The biggest thing for me was to trust my EP. I now know they can loos and see what muscles needto be exercised. They listen and get to know our bodies in order to improve our lives.


Do you think you’ll continue to maintain an active lifestyle?

Yes, definitely. Apart from seeing Nadia my EP 2 times a week, I have a stationary bike at home which I use daily for cardio exercise. I am determined to also complete the exercises I do with Nadia on my own the other days of the week.

Blessed with my EP Nadia, she has given me confidence. She listens and knows where attention is needed with exercise. Nadia listens and give results. Thank you.

Meet Antonia’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Nadia Levenets


I have a strong passion for helping people improve their lives through the use of exercise. I am particularly interested in helping those with various clinical conditions and diseases. I pride myself on my dedication and motivation on working to improve others’ quality of life. I am currently working for a mobile business – Active Ability Exercise Physiology, where I am working with clients with neurological conditions, disability and mental health. I feel enjoyment and great reward when working with my clients as I feel I am making a great difference in their lives!