John shares with us his exercise journey…

How did you come to work with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

My physiotherapist post stroke recommended I atted Uniting Seniors Gym Waverley.


What condition or health issue do you work with your Accredited Exercise Physiologist to manage?

  • Depression
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes


Have you always been active or were you prescribed exercise as part of your treatment management? If not, what were your initial thoughts, did you want to exercise?

I have never been active until now. I avoided all exercise.


How did you feel when you started to exercise, what differences did you start to notice for both your physical and mental health?

When I started at the gym I needed a walking stick to walk. Within a short time my mobility had improved.

I have lost 11 kilograms since I started the program 18 months ago! My diabetes and vascular conditions are managed.

John before..

John after losing 11kgs!

What would you say to other people who may have been advised to exercise, who are apprehensive?


Please give it a go and ask a specialist exercise physiologist to plan a program. At first I was nervous but the program was very well designed!

Do you think you’ll continue to maintain an active lifestyle?

Yes! My mobility is hugely improved and my balance is now excellent.

Meet John’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Wes Madge.


Wes completed his Bachelor degree in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Western Sydney before studying by distance at Charles Sturt Univeristy  in 2015 Completing Masters of Exercise physiology. Wes has been working with Uniting Seniors Gym since 2016.

Wes has an interest in using individulised exercises to help improve the health and wellbeing of clients.