We aim to raise awareness for the importance of exercise for all Australians, especially those living with or managing a chronic condition or health issue. We hope this campaign inspires people to be more active by sharing inspiring stories of everyday peoples Motvation to Move.

Michael shares with us his exercise journey…

How did you come to work with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

Through doctor’s advice in controlling diabetes and through finding Seniors Gym Orange


What condition or health issue do you work with your Accredited Exercise Physiologist to manage?

  • Improving strength in lower back.
  • Overall improvement in flexibility
  • Decrease in weight
  • Improving overall fitness

Have you always been active or were you prescribed exercise as part of your treatment management? If not, what were your initial thoughts, did you want to exercise?

Always active – maily walking

Motivated  now to exercise due to heart rehabilitation process and diabetes

How did you feel when you started to exercise, what differences did you start to notice for both your physical and mental health?


Sluggish, inclined to readily be short of breath at even moderate levels of exertion.

Now with weight I have lost and improvement in fitness I feel much better – more energy and stamina

How has your condition or health issue improved, do you believe exercise plays a key part in this level of improvement?

Exercise is essential to my health. My blood pressure has never been better, my weight has decreased and I am moving more freely.


What would you say to other people who may have been advised to exercise, who are apprehensive?


Do it! A supervised, gradually increasing and structured program makes it easy and enjoyable as it is ever going to get.

Do you think you’ll continue to maintain an active lifestyle?

Absolutely. I feel that I am in an exercise relationship with all the exercise physiologists at the Seniors Gym. I advised a slight issue with one shoulder and they have a restructured my program to ensure that the issue is professionally addressed. Thank you all!

Meet Michael’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Kate Butler


Kate completed her Bachelor degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst in 2004. Kate then worked at Orange Base Hospital as a physiotherapy aide. She then returned to Univerity to complete her Graduate diploma in Secondary Education (PDHPE). Kate worked in Port Macquarie and developed her Exercise Physiology business, before moving back to Orange. Kate has developed a keen interest in exercise for cancer patients.

Kate enjoys being a mum to 2 young children, riding her horses and coaching gymnastics.