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15 exercise tips to inspire you to move more

At this time of year, everyone is making new years resolutions to make their year happier and healthier than the one before!

Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes and what better time for our Exercise Experts to share some top tips to add some physical activity into your life, and to keep it up!

15 exercise tips to get you started and keep you motivated into the New Year and beyond!


1 – “Add variety to your exercise plan! Whether it be a different workout, cycling instead of swimming or changing up the location. Boredom with your routine can lead to lower adherence levels.” Rachel Halleen, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


2 – My tip: Get in and have a go. One foot in front of the other!” Damian Pavlinovich, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


3 – “Instead of sitting down for coffee with a friend, go for a walk instead. Incidental exercise is key.” Simone Guise, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


4 – “Recruit your furry friend. Why not share the love of exercise by bringing the fur baby along for your next walk, jog or run. This will help to optimise your motivation, bring fun to your next workout and hey, they will love you for the hit out.” Josh Tree, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


5 – “Diversify your workout! Our bodies adapt over a six to eight week period when doing the same workout. So mixing up your exercise routine helps you avoid a fitness plateau.” Emma Pizzale, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


6 – “Doing something that challenges you often is key – exercise and training is not about exhausting yourself sporadically!” Scott Mellish, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


7 – “The best exercise is the one you’ll actually do! Choose wisely and Enjoy it!” Nat Delana, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


8 – “Teamwork makes the dreams work. Recruit a training buddy and spice things up with a team task workout to burn the calories and maximise the fun!” Josh Tree, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


9 – “Make your next holiday an active one! Try camping, hiking, cycling..look for adventure, bring your friends! Enjoy the great outdoors whilst staying fit!” Alex Hardy – Accredited Exercise Physiologist


10 – “What you do today will improve all your tomorrow’s – even a short 10 minute walk with a colleague during your lunch time break will suffice.” – Kitty Chao,  Accredited Exercise Physiologist


11 – “Keep your training high intensity and functional, this will allow you to complete short sessions around your busy schedule.” – Shadi Faraj, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


12 – “Don’t worry if you can’t exercise for long, your still doing laps around everyone who’s sitting on the couch! Just get out outside, have a go and see how much better you feel.” – Daniel hilton, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


13 – “Don’t beat yourself up too much for skipping the gym, instead make it up with active family time! Backyard cricket, beach volleyball, a hike or even a family stroll after dinner!” Alex Hardy – Accredited Exercise Physiologist


14 – “Schedule time. Despite being an Exercise Physiologist, sometimes I let life get in the way. Making exercise a priority and scheduling time to complete it is important for success. My personal strategy is having two swimming dates with separate friends; we swim, we talk and I feel responsible to attend.” Carmel Lamble, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


15 – “Short on time? Focus on interval training or focus on hills which are great for cardio and strength training! If you’re on holidays, use your body weight to keep active, go for walks and do short sessions incorporating exercises such as push ups and squats.” – Nardine Presland, Accredited Exercise Physiologist