Exercise and Truck Drivers

Top 4 Exercise Tips For Truck Drivers

Whether you drive an small inner-city delivery truck or a huge semi-trailer up and down the length of Australia, most drivers have something in common – poor health.


According to WorkSafe Victoria, the transport industry has a unique set of conditions that means it is high risk when it comes to the health and wellbeing of its workers.

Results of a survey by the Department of Health and Ageing showed:

  • 82.5% were overweight or obese
  • 79.8% low physical inactivity


The industry also has an ageing workforce with 46 % of workers over the age of 45. This means almost half of workers are in age groups that have a higher rate of injury and illness than younger workers.

These ailments and injuries can have a devastating impact on a person’s career, finances and family life, however making healthier choices and increasing physical activity can make a huge difference to improve your weight, your stress levels and boost your bodies ability to fight off other disease and chronic conditions, ensuring your body is in good working order.

Exercise whilst you’re out on the road for hours on end is a tough one, but with some smart thinking and planning, it can be done.

Our Top Exercise Tips For Truck Drivers


1. Set a goal, create a plan and stick to it

The biggest achievement for you will be to change your mindset. If you know exercise will add years to your life, then you have to make a lifestyle change and commit to it.

The best way to do this is to create goals which are achievable and give them a set date. (E.g. I want to lose 2kgs by May, I want to commit to three days of exercise a week for at least a month). Next share this goal with family and friends to keep you accountable and to give you support along the way, who knows, they may even join you. Next, create a plan with set times and days – keep this plan with you and make a promise to stick to it.


2. Make the most of your stops

When you do get to stop and get out of the cab, try and use this time wisely.

It’ll be hard to jog or run with your work gear on, but there is nothing stopping you from completing a few stretches or a few strength exercises. (All you need is a flat, safe area to complete some exercises.)

Other strength exercises include squats, lunges, tricep dips, planks – keep it simple and try and incorporate different movements throughout the day.


3. Work out your core

When you are driving there is a simple way to work your core.

When sitting, tighten your stomach – almost as if you are trying to reach your back with your belly button. This will work all the muscles and will strengthen your core.

Complete a few repetitions of these when you’re stuck in traffic or at a red light.


4. Get the maximum out of your days off

When you do have some down time, don’t spend it on the couch watching television. Get up, get out and get moving. You need to work your body when you get a chance to prepare it for all those hours spent sitting.

It’s very important to do exercise that you enjoy and try and mix it up. Maybe combine a game of footy with a strength session at the gym – mix it up and enjoy it!

Click here to learn how to Exercise Right for Transport & Logistics. And if you do live with an injury or already have a chronic condition make sure you consult an accredited exercise professional before you begin.


So there you have it, there should be no reason why you can’t incorporate some more movement into your life and avoid becoming a statistic!


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