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5 Ways Exercise Can Help in the Bedroom

Of course there can be lots of reasons to explain certain conditions that affect your intimate time. But how many of us are aware of the key role exercise can play in improving your love life?

Usually what happens behind closed doors and when the lights are off is kept on a strictly a “need to know” basis. Yet, figures show that at least 1 in 3 Australians, men and women, have issues in the bedroom.

A global study of sexual attitudes and behaviour in 2001–02 found that 16% of Australian men experienced erectile difficulties, whilst the Australian study of health and relationships found that 23.8% of men reported that they came to orgasm too quickly.

Ladies you too are experiencing issues with over 37% females admitting to having low/lack of libido.

We’ve already dished the dirt on why exercise is so important for healthy relationships, but how does exercise influence healthy behavior beneath the sheets?


Five ways exercise can improve your sex life


1. Stamina

Simply put, if you are fit during the day, then you can be fit during the night!

Carly Ryan, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, explains in more detail.

“It’s a simple equation really, if you can keep your body working at a high level for longer than this is going to have the same result into other parts of your life. You could play a full 80 minutes of footy, ease through a 5km fun run – or keep going for longer when the lights are off!”

“To improve your stamina, I would definitely encourage you to look into more circuit work. A circuit is a planned set of exercises that target all parts of your body and is performed at a high intensity. Choose six different exercises, do two sets of each with a short break in between. Circuit works helps keep your body performing at its peak while challenging all the different muscles of your body.”

“We all know it’s about quality over quantity, but having the strength and endurance to perform at your best can only be a good thing right?”


2. Erectile Dysfunction

Exercise can most definitely help with erectile dysfunction.

A study from the the University of the West of England (UK) found that pelvic exercises helped 40 per cent of men with ED regain normal erectile function.

“When we say pelvic floor exercises, everyone assumes we are talking to women – but men, as you can see, it can play an important role for you as well.”

“The best way to get these muscle working for men is think of freezing water. What I mean is, imagine the actions you take when you walk waist deep into freezing water. Tense those same muscles for 2 or 3 sets and you are giving your pelvic floor muscles a workout.”


3. Mental Health

There is a huge amount of evidence that shows the positive effect physical activity has on mental health.

“Most people will relate to feeling happier and more positive after a workout thanks to the natural release of endorphins when you exercise. The combination of the psychological benefits of exercise such as improved self-confidence, body image and self-esteem and reduced anxiety or stress as well as the physical benefits such as strengthening of muscles, helping control body weight and blood pressure and better sleep patterns, supports the theory that exercise plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of depression.”

“Stress can wreak havoc on our everyday lives, and usually one of the first areas to get effected is our relationships with our loved one and, in turn, our sex life can suffer. Exercise is a fantastic natural remedy to minimise the effects of stress and help keep your relationships healthy.”

Think about the following to help keep an active mind and body:

  • Regular moderate intensity aerobic exercise (e.g. 30 mins at least 3 times a week)
  • Practice breathing exercises or mind-body exercises
  • Try activities that involve relaxation training – Yoga, tai chi etc
  • Find something fun and enjoyable and works for you – e.g. an exercise DVD at home, walk the dog, go to the gym with a friend for motivation


4. Flexibility

During sex, your body can go from zero to 100% in a short space of time and the last thing you want to do is pull a muscle!

“I would encourage everyone to incorporate stretching into their daily life, it’s so important to keep the body flexible to help withstand injuries and keep you more nimble.”

“Stretching doesn’t have to be a full on session, it could be as simple as sitting on the floor in front of the TV and targeting key areas such as your hamstrings, back and arms.”

“Remember, being flexible may stop you getting injured and may also help you include some more creative moves in the bedroom.”

5. Self Confidence

When it comes to a lack of libido, you can usually pin point it down to a lack of self-confidence.

We all have parts of our body that we think could “look” better and this can affect other parts of our life and mind.

“When we are fit and strong, we can usually see the effects on our body, this is turn can make us feel better about ourselves.”

“It’s not about having bulging muscles and a six pack, it’s about having a lean and healthy body that makes you feel good about yourself. When you consult with an Accredited Exercise Scientists or Accredited Exercise Physiologist they can help tailor a program that will suit your body, but most importantly they can help you determine achievable goals and keep your motivation on track.”

“Remember, your partner loves you no matter what, it’s time to start loving yourself.”

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