F's Story

I was referred a 68 year old female client with agorophobia, anxiety, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, fatty liver, obesity, osteoarthritis of the hands and mild memory issues.


She had been advised that she needed to lose weight, but admits to not heeding advice from GP, dietitian, psychologist and all other health professionals.


At first visit, she completed almost no physical activity, was unable to grip and hold a jar of jam, and was unable to walk to the letter box and back due to both dyspnoea and agoraphobia.


We spent multiple sessions discussing simple opportunities to move more, such as marching on the spot while brushing teeth and playing with a stress ball while watching TV, rather than “doing a workout”.


At first she found these ideas daunting both in theory and in practice, but on seeing her recently she reports that she can now open a jar for the first time in years, is marching around the living room with her grandkids, and has been able to get herself to the letterbox and back multiple times per day in the past few weeks.


She has even managed to go away with her daughter over the Easter break and go for a bushwalk – something she wouldn’t have even considered five months ago.


I am so proud of this superhero client’s progress, and am looking forward to seeing her continue to make breakthroughs in the coming months.


Story from Jason Gardner, AEP