free exercise

No gear, no idea? Ways to workout with zero equipment and gym fees!

When it comes to exercising, you really don’t need much more than a good sports bra (for the girls) and a healthy dose of motivation to get started!

If you’re looking for some motivation, look no further! We’ve put together some simple ways to exercise gym free, without needing to buy any equipment.

Use your body as a piece of equipment


Your body is THE best piece of workout equipment you could possibly need!

Without even leaving your house, or needing any other fancy equipment, you can train practically every muscle group in your body effectively. As with any exercise, it is still important to ensure you’re doing exercises correctly so not to cause any injury or strain to your joints.

What are some of the best types of body weight exercises? Consider some of these:


Use free technology

There are so many different apps on the market that you can download and use for free. In today’s marketplace there is an app to suit everyone. One of our favourites is the free Nike Running Club app, the app provides you with guided, mentored runs to suit a variety of different experience levels. Download it here for free.


Use everyday items as equipment

You don’t need to splash out on hundreds of dollars on state of the art equipment, a few simple household items or furniture can easily be used! From cans of beans or bottles of milk as weights, a set of stairs for steps ups or even a simple skipping rope for a bit of cardio – let your imagination run wild.

Got a chair? Why not try some of these exercise? 

Do you have a four legged friend?

So the dog isn’t really necessary, but mans best friend does provide some extra motivation to go for a walk around the block! Dog or no dog, a simple daily dose of walking has been proven to help fight inflammation in the body and has many benefits.

Outdoor Workout Stations

Many parks across all states have free to use public workout stations, these range from simple static equipment to perform chin ups, sit ups and step ups to more interactive equipment with cardio and resistance features. Most of these are also located in very close proximity to children’s play areas too so you can take the kids to the park, and get some exercise at the same time!

Community Activities

Most suburbs hold regular health and well-being related activities. A quick look on your council website or Facebook page should tell you when the next ones are. These might be group walks, runs or yoga sessions. This is also a great way to socialist and meet like-minded people.


If you’re not sure where to start, or concerned about exercising, contact an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for advice.