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How to keep your Fitness this Christmas

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but they can take their toll on your health. More food, more drinking and less exercise typically doesn’t help in that department. If you want to keep your fitness this Christmas, we’ve got a few tips to keep you on track. It might be easier than you think…

Workout at home – Kids on school holidays? No time to make it to your regular gym class? No worries! Working out with your body weight is incredibly effective, and if you’re stuck at home this holiday season, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t squeeze in a few quick workouts in your living room.

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Walk more – Walking is easy, free and you can do it anywhere. Whatever you’re doing this holiday season, make a commitment to get your steps in. How many steps should you aim for? There’s no magic number, but more is definitely better!

Focus on incidental activity – You might not have time to make it to your regular gym class, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be active. Incidental physical activity is defined as any activity built up in small amounts over the course of the day. It includes things like walking to the bus, doing gardening, and carrying your groceries. Essentially, it’s all about living an active life, and incidental exercise really does help to keep you healthy.

Sit less – Watching the Boxing Day Test on the telly, sitting around the dinner table, sitting at the bar with your friends; This time of year can mean a lot of sitting around, and that’s not so great for your health. Try to break up long periods of sitting with a little movement.

Up the intensity – We’re all a little bit time poor around the festive season. Visitors, social events, trying to madly finish work before the holidays… We get it. It’s normal to find yourself with less time than usual to squeeze in a workout, but rather than skipping it altogether, try to shorten your workout and up the intensity. Research shows HIIT training has a range of benefits for your health and well-being, plus you don’t need as much time to get results.

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Try new ways of moving – Sometimes a change is as good as holiday! You might be taking a break from your regular spin class, but it’s a great opportunity to try new ways of moving your body. Grab your friends and family and do something different… Go hiking, try rock climbing, rent a kayak, hit the dancefloor, whatever! And who knows, you might even find your new favourite exercise.

Be kind to yourself – At the end of the day, it’s OK if you fall out of your routine a little at this time of year. Don’t beat yourself up. Remember that something is always better than nothing and focus on the little wins.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – If your new to exercise and need some advice, it’s OK to ask for it. Chat to your local expert about how you can start moving more safely. Click here to find an exercise professional near you. 

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