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How to keep your summer exercise routine burning through the colder months


Tired of getting to the end of winter and having to kick into gear to loose those extra kilos to fit back into the summer outfits? Find it hard to keep the exercise motivation during the chilly winter months? Struggling with ideas on how to keep fit when the Celsius is in single digits?


Let’s face it, going out on a beautiful sunny day for a walk, run or ride is much more enjoyable and motivating than donning on layer upon layer to brave the cold weather for our workout. However as we approach winter a regular exercise routine is just as important as the warmer months. Health and exercise is not seasonal, consistency is key. Keeping our bodies moving is vital to maintain and promote positive health. Regular exercise is important for muscle and bone strength, heart and lung health, maintenance of a good immune system, mental health, prevention of chronic diseases and general wellbeing.


Enjoy exercising in the outdoors? But finding we are using the weather as our excuse in the winter months? Don’t fret, exercise warms up our body and we will soon warm up and be nice and toasty. It is however important to adjust to the conditions and temperatures. Partake in longer warm ups, being careful with outdoor activities with existing conditions such as asthma and avoid extended exposure to extreme temperatures.


More of a gym goer? Good news. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) participation in activities such as gym based activities including jogging and running and weight training remain more constant throughout the year. So don’t let the weather outside affect what we do inside!

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Here are 4 tips to keep our summer exercise motivation during the winter months:


  1. Have appropriate clothing and gear – when we have to correct layers for outdoor activities it makes it much more enjoyable and tolerable. Keeping our core and extremities warm by wearing a beanie or headband, gloves and layers around the core will be sure to protect us from the wintery blues.
  2. Have a wet weather option – always have an option that is just as enjoyable and rewarding when the elements are just too brutal to face. Whether that be a spin class instead of an outdoors ride, a treadmill session in replace of a walk or run or join in an indoor aqua class, there are plenty of alternatives so we don’t miss out.
  3. Keep it fun and interesting – try something new, join a winter sport, involve family and friends. Keeping our exercise regimes fun and interesting helps with motivation throughout the winter months.
  4. Reward yourself and set goals – whether is be a new item of clothing as a reward or a goal of completing a fun run distance, striving to achieve something and rewarding ourselves helps us keep motivated.

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Jaclyn is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist specialising in Chronic Disease Management and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation.