Kathy's Story
accredited exercise physiologist
Kathy's Story

My client Kathy Gerrie is the true superhero for inspiring me as a coach. Kathy (64) has had a double knee replacement and a severe history of falls in the last 24 months. She has been in and out of the Mater Hospital for rehab but it had been unsuccessful.


In her first session with me her husband had to drop her off and it took the both of us to get her out of the car and even over a small gutter. The challenge was set for me as a coach to dramatically improve Kathy’s quality of life and ease of movement. Fast forward five months and Kathy is now doing full depth squats, lunges, push-ups, kettle bell sumo deadlifts, kettle bell swings, running laps of a full sized football oval and had even been brave enough to try swimming in the ocean!


The picture below shows Kathy walking up a set of stairs holding 15 KGs worth of weight. She also can do sets of 50 step ups with this weight, onto a step higher than the gutter she once needed a hand to get up onto. Kathy also can look like Rocky Balboa at times when she knocks out 100 uppercuts in a row before heading off on an interval style run.


A month or so ago, Kathy was headed to China on a holiday. Her goal, right from the start of our training, was to be able to walk up the steps of the Great Wall of China. You should of seen the look on my face when I was informed that she RAN up these steps! Kathy is very motivating and inspiring and brought out the best in me as a coach!


Story by Joshua Wiggins, AEP.