Lia's Story
accredited exercise physiologist
Lia's Story

My superhero is Lia Sintras.


When we met, she had been through numerous surgeries including hamstring and abductor clipping to release spasticity in her muscles to allow better movement and spinal surgery to correct postural issues – all by the age of 14.


Not only this, she was bound to a wheelchair and had limited independence. Since then, she has regained a lot of strength, pushed the boundaries of cerebral palsy and improved out of sight. By dedicating herself to rehabilitative and functional exercise twice a week (in between school and other activities), this 14 year old girl transformed her life.


Now she can independently transfer from her bed, toilet and chair – once an impossible task that she laughed at. The importance of these last three years will be imperative in ensuring that little Lia can manage daily tasks herself.


And to top things off, Lia surprised her whole school by getting out of the wheelchair they all knew so well, and walking into her formal with the support of a walker. Much to the surprise of all her classmates, it brought tears to friends, family, teachers and my own eyes. I’ve never been so proud of someone who has faced such difficulty and expressed even more determination.


You are my superhero Lia, thank you for motivating me to be a better person every day!


Story by Angela Reakes, AEP