Find the exercise that’s right for YOU!

Everyone is unique, exercise doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach – that’s why it’s great that there are SO many options when it comes to exercise – from your traditional DIY going for a run, to classes like Zumba, or new workout inventions such as Barre Body Classes.

However, what everyone does have in common is that if you don’t enjoy doing it, you won’t do it for very long!

Here’s some tips for finding the exercise that’s right for you:


Do something you enjoy

You don’t have to love it initially, but if you ask yourself ‘do I dread it?’ and the answer is yes, then that form of exercise is not for you! There are so many forms of exercise, and most gyms, yoga, Pilates, HIIT classes – offer free trials, so you can give a variety of workouts a try without having to commit.

If exercising properly and safely, it should improve your health, as well as your physical and mental well-being, and make you feel GOOD!

Do something that easily fits in with your schedule

Start by doing something that fits in to your current schedule easily, you can always make more time for exercise once it’s part of your routine and you’re starting to enjoy how it makes you feel.

One of the most common reasons for not exercising is a lack of time –  look at how you spend your day, work out where you have the free time in your schedule currently, make a plan to move in this free time. If you join a gym, make sure it’s local to where you live or work. If you want to do classes, make sure they’re on at a time that you can make before or after work. If you have children, look for a gym that has a childminding option!

Have goals

Keep track of your progress. The best motivation is getting results. If you don’t have anything to aim for you can lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place. Once you’ve smashed your goal, make a new one.

They don’t have to be weight or strength orientated, your goal could be to master a skill – like Pilates or Boxing, you could be aiming to take part in an event, or your goal could simply be to feel fantastic and make exercise part of your routine and become a habit,  without having to think about it!

Surround yourself with support

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, who support your efforts to be healthier will help you make progress and keep you motivated. Without support it can be hard to keep going. This may be support from your friends, family, your medical practitioner, or your workout buddies! Exercise is a great way to make new friends!

If you can’t find anyone to exercise with you, one of our suggestions is to download the free Nike Running Club app which provides you with guided runs that help you focus on your breathing, thoughts and progress. Download it for free here.


Always consult an Accredited Exercise Professional if you’re concerned about starting a new exercise regime.


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