Meet Mark.

38 years ago, Mark suffered a motor vehicle accident which resulted in a severe brain injury, leaving him unable to walk or do many tasks of daily living and in excruciating pain.

Thanks to many years of rehabilitation, Mark has made an inspiring recovery; a lot of which he puts down to exercise, specifically his pain management and decrease in falls, as well as the mental health benefits.

Mark shares his exercise journey with us and how working with his Accredited Exercise Physiologists at Bulbuwil Healthy Living has changed his life.

About Mark’s Accredited Exercise Physiologists


Amanda Semaan

Amanda Semaan is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in the Bulbuwil Healthy Living Program at SESLHD. When not working for the health service, Amanda is busy running a private practice and teaching at the University of Sydney. Amanda’s clinical areas of speciality include Aboriginal Health, mental health and disability. Amanda is currently undertaking a Ph.D. investigating methods for preparing exercise physiology students and workforce for practice in mental health.


James Begley


James Begley is an Aboriginal Accredited Exercise Physiologist with the Bulbuwil Healthy Living Program in South East Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD). James is also in his final semester of study for his Masters in Strength and Conditioning at Edith Cowan University. James specialises in a variety of areas including Aboriginal health, smoking cessation and athletic development.

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