ZOE COLE, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


I have been an accredited exercise physiologist since 2010 and I especially love those who are extremely dubious at the beginning then before they know it, they are sleeping better, less pain and noticing a big improvement in their quality of life.


I love exercise and sport so initially that is what attracted me to start studying sport and exercise science. However, once I realised how much one could benefit from seeing an accredited exercise physiologist I returned to do further education. It is such a crucial component to the allied health world.


Our bodies are genetically designed to be active. Our gene expression changes depending on our levels of physical activity.

VICKY GRAHAM, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


I have been in the industry for over 25 years but became an accredited exercise physiologist four years ago.


I wanted to help people improve their health and quality of life and I believe moving more is one of the simplest strategies that people can use to do this. My clients range in ages from children to the elderly with a variety of health conditions and injuries.


Many clients have never seen an accredited exercise physiologist before and not sure how we can help them. I use simple language and break down lifestyle changes into small sustainable steps. It’s important they feel confident they can make these health changes.



I became an exercise physiologist by accident! When I graduated high school all I knew was that I enjoyed being active, and that I wanted to help people. I was in my second year before I even knew what an exercise physiologist was! As soon as I read up about what you can do for people as an exercise physiologist, however, I haven’t looked back.


As an accredited exercise physiologist I am responsible for giving people any and all information they need to start a more healthy life. I am proud to be an accredited exercise physiologist because I feel we provide an important service that can change people’s lives.