What are my interests?

I really am fascinated with biomechanics of the pelvic floor – and so a lot of the women I see have incontinence, prolapse, are pregnant or just had a baby and are looking to return to exercise, or are athletes who need to optimise their performance. I also see a lot of musculoskeletal injury, such as lower back pain or shoulder pain or post surgery (anything from ACL repair or arthroscopy on joints to hysterectomy or lymphectomy). At my clinic’s, we provide the missing link to return ladies from acute rehab, injury or after birth, back to full functional movement safely!


What’s my workday like?

I start bright and early 6am at work, good thing I’m a morning person! In my clinic’s I really only see female patients, for a variety of injuries, conditions or training goals. I work with clients one-on-one, and I also run group classes for mums and bubs, osteoporosis, breast cancer recovery, functional fitness and pregnancy exercise.

The ladies I see are a variety of ages, and mixture of musculoskeletal, metabolic or women’s health patients, or apparently healthy patients who are pregnant or with specific training goals.

I’m always so happy when I see a client reporting less pain or less leaking of urine, or achieving a functional goal – anything from being able to go grocery shopping without assistance, getting back into sport or turning their baby from breech ready for birth! Exercise really is medicine, and does not mean burpees or sprints – it’s a science. Everything is individualised to how your body moves, what it needs, how we can best provide the right rehabilitation, training and strengthening for you.


Working with and seeing the improvements in my breast cancer clients is also very rewarding.  They see their fatigue becoming better managed, improve their range of movement in their shoulders so they are able to start moving more comfortably, and have a feeling of being ‘normal’, escaping hospital appointments and completing something familiar feelings when they are in the gym exercising.