Michelle's Story

Michelle Chafin was in rehab from fractured T8, whiplash and knee injuries from car accident. She was very depressed due to not able to exercise as previously she was a “sports nut”, you would always find her bike riding, running, participating in crossfit and paddle boarding.


Michelle’s exercise was her stress relief and she really was down about losing fitness and not feeling motivated at all. Michelle went from someone super active to unable to do anything.


We started with strength exercises and rediscovering her motivation. Her determination just switched and making her realise she had the right attitude.


We started boxing and she loved it – we went from rowing, challenging her strength with fitball to now doing 5 x 3mins rounds of boxing. Michelle has also started training up for a fundraiser event she created back last year but unable to do it due to injury.


I believe Michelle has turned into super woman and rediscovered her love of moving!


Story from Ryan O’Connor, AEP

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