Need to beat the hot flushes? Exercise is key for menopausal women

Menopause can be a difficult time for most women. But did you know exercise can help you cope with the daily physical and emotional changes you are facing?


Let’s face it, menopause is an extremely tough time for Australian women. Your body changes in ways you never expected. You may have trouble sleeping, you can feel more stressed and anxious and it can affect your overall confidence.

Luckily, exercise can play a key role in helping your body and mind cope with these massive differences. Sometimes during menopause physical activity can be the last thing you want to do, but committing to physical activity is very important for your health and well-being.

exercise right for condition_more_v22In a recent consensus statement published by Maturitas, leading experts in the subject confirmed that physical activity improved balance, flexibility, reduced cardiovascular disease, counteracted changes to metabolism and reduced the risk of dementia in post-menopausal women.

“There is much literature suggesting the favourable impact of physical activity in several organs and systems, like for example, the cardiovascular system, bone health, and even cognition. The good thing with physical activity is that even a little has a substantial benefit,” said co-author Dr. Antonio Cano Sanchez of the University of Valencia.

The author of another study, Dr. Wolfgang Kemmler from the University of Erlangen (Germany), explained that there has been a plethora of randomized controlled studies determined the positive effect of ‘exercise’ on risk factors, diseases or complaints related to menopause or increased age.

“When it comes to exercise, women need to look at combining a mix of resistance, endurance and general balance activities to help cope with changes to the body,” says Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Carly Ryan.

“Menopause can sometimes last between 4-8 years, so it’s vital for women to look after their bodies the best they can during this time and set a good health foundation for the later years.”


Exercise Right’s Top Exercise Tips for Women Experiencing Menopause


  1. Consult an accredited exercise physiologist who can help prescribe the right exercise for you and your uniqueness. Your body is going through some complex changes so it’s vital to get the right advice before starting out.
  2. Experts suggest joining a group classes as this will keep you on track and give you a support network to maintain your exercise plan.
  3. Share your exercise goals or plan with your partner or friends for extra support and motivation.
  4. Add more ‘incidental exercise’ into your life, for example, walk to the shops, meet a friend for a walk at the park instead of a coffee, and enjoy time at the playground with the kids.
  5. Give yourself a treat for completing exercise, avoid food and alcohol, instead give yourself a pamper session or a trip away.

Find out how to Exercise Right for Menopause, or for more information contact your local accredited exercise physiologist.