Over 65? Discounted classes can help you to get active

Have you heard the news? We’re offering discounted classes to over 65s. Why? Because older Australians aren’t moving enough!

Research shows that only 17.2% of those aged over 65 meet the Physical Activity Guidelines. Regular exercise not only helps to reduce your risk of chronic disease, but also helps keep your bones strong, reduces your risk of falls and helps to maintain independence and quality of life.

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We’re hoping to get more older Australians moving by encouraging them to join a discounted “Exercise Right for Active Ageing” class!

About the discounted classes

The Exercise Right for Active Ageing (ERAA) project is a group intervention for over 65s. Thanks to funding from the Australian Government, we’re able to deliver discounted classes to seniors all around the country. Classes are run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) or Accredited Exercise Scientists (AESs).

As part of the program, each participant is pre-screened and does a mini-assessment before getting started. These are designed to test your functional ability and current levels of physical activity. Once cleared to take part, you get a subsidised one-hour session once per week, for 12 weeks. A post-assessment is completed once you finish all 12 classes to compare your progress.

Meet Therese…

Therese was one of the first participants of the Exercise Right for Active Ageing classes and she has now completed the program. In this interview she discusses her experience and plans for staying healthy.

How did you find the classes?

I found them really good! I hadn’t really been doing exercise for the last 6 months, so it has been a good experience to come into something that is not too full on and not high aerobically.

What attracted you to participate in the ERAA project?

My niece showed me the program, and I decided to just give it a try.

What helped you to stay motivated during the program?

I just enjoyed it, I just enjoyed being here. I enjoyed being with other women, with people in my own age group. Everybody has been very friendly; everything’s been very laid back and easy. There’s no stress being put on you. The girls (AEPs) were there just to correct you if you were doing things the wrong way.

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active ageing

Therese made a lot of new friends at the Exercise Right for Active Ageing classes.

Have you had any difficult periods during the three months?

No, I think that I was ready to start and that makes a difference.

Do you feel any different after the program?

I’ve certainly noticed a difference with my energy levels. I feel like I want to do other things as well, like get back into walking and I feel like I have more motivation now.

Now that you have finished the program, do you have plans to carry on exercising?

I have a free weight program I used to do years ago, and I would like to get back into doing that at home. I’d like to get back into long distance walking. I also have an exercise bike at home I would like to start using again. I’d love to keep going here at Centric, I would love to be a bit more challenged now, doing things that are a bit harder.

You mentioned that you enjoyed meeting other women at the classes… Do you think that’s important?

Oh yes, that was important. Because I was new in town that was important to me. It was good to meet the ladies, and everyone was very friendly.

What would say to someone who is interested in getting involved?

I could see from watching the ladies here that there were quite a few who do not have very much joint movement and that type of thing. If you want to improve that, this is the way to go. It’s a very good overall class for stretching and getting those joints moving that haven’t been moving so well before. I also know a lot of people don’t have good balance and that would be something that these classes would be good for too.

Exercise is for everyone, regardless of age

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Rose Prout, runs the Exercise Right for Active Ageing classes at Centric Exercise Physiology and believes that all Australians should make exercise a priority as they age.

“The key to regular exercise is choosing an exercise method you enjoy,” says Rose. “You should feel great after exercise and look forward to the next session.”

Want to start moving more?

We’re here to help! If you’re over 65 and would like to join an Exercise Right for Active Ageing class, click here for more information.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with your local Accredited Exercise Physiologist by using this search function.

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