Meet Pauline.

Pauline felt like she was losing her ability to enjoy life. Her general health and wellbeing was declining and she felt her quality of life was slipping away. She relied on walking aids, struggled to walk more than very short distances and was unable to walk up and down stairs.


Pauline proudly says that before she commenced her program with her Accredited Exercise Physiologist she was just ‘surviving’ – whereas now she is ‘thriving’ and is now able to fully participate in life.

About Paulines’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Debbie Cooper

Debbie Cooper is an Accredited Exercise physiologist with seven years’ experience working with clients diagnosed with chronic illnesses and injuries.


She has a combined interest in Cardiovascular disease and Cancer and was fortunate to work with a team of researchers leading the field in research into exercise as medicine in the treatment of cancer.


Debbie is currently supervising an exercise clinic at the Health & Wellness centre at Curtin University continuing the exercise is medicine approach with clients diagnosed with various chronic diseases. She is also involved in the supervision of exercise science and rehabilitation students as well as physiotherapy students completing their practicum placements at the clinic.

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