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Tips from the Performance Hub Team




Sam Rooney

Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Senior Performance Coach


Sam Rooney is based at ION Training in Sydney, Australia. He has broad professional experience including working with elite athletes, the everyday person and in hospital based rehabilitation settings.


When it comes to Athletic Performance, Sam has spent time learning from some of the best coaches at ALTIS in Phoenix Arizona, and his past and present client list includes AFL Athletes, Olympic Sprinters, Elite Ultra-Endurance Athletes and sub-elite development programs.


His personal passion for running has seen him help a number of runners in the Sydney running community break lifetime PBs, and was selected to be a Pacer at the SeaWheeze half marathon festival in Vancouver.



Becoming Passionate About Running

Episode 1


“I’m lucky enough to have been able to travel to New York to study Exercise Science and play basketball at College. I’m super passionate about exercise and sport, but I’m not as passionate about running. I have definitely formed a negative relationship with running over the years.


I’ve love to be able to run longer distances and really enjoy it. My goal is to become a better athlete and a better runner and have a positive relationship with running.”


Watch Episode 1

Episode 2


“I’m two weeks into my running journey to become a better athlete and a better runner. So far, it’s been pretty hard but also really rewarding at the same time. I’m finding it challenging to push myself mentally while running, not to mention my muscles are feeling really tired. But I can already see how it’s going to benefit my basketball and carry across in my fitness in the sport.”


Watch Episode 2

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