Scott's story
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Scott's Story

Two months ago, Scott saw his general practitioner in regards to his weight going ‘up and up’ over the last four years. Scott’s blood pressure was high, he had mixed hyperlipidaemia and his fasting blood glucose was on the rise. Scott has a family history of cardiovascular disease, and he is going to become a father for the first time this year.


Thankfully, his doctor made a referral to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.  Using three allocated sessions over two months, Scott noticed his health change from the inside out. We performed a physical assessment, but also used various behaviour change techniques to promote sensible weight loss. Scott set himself a goal to wear size 34 pants, down from his size 38 at the time.


In between appointments, the use of a wearable activity tracker allowed Scott to stay accountable, and at last check he was averaging between 11,000 and 12,000 steps every day! He also completed a prescribed body weight resistance program at home, even occasionally on his breaks at work. A noticeable change in Scott’s self-efficacy meant that he felt confident to walk even when it was raining.


As a result, Scott’s outcome measures tell a totally new, healthy story. He has lowered his BMI from 34 to 28, and his waist has come down from 110cm to 91cm. His resting blood pressure normalised, and a submaximal aerobic fitness test revealed a shift from ‘Above average’ to ‘Good’ for his age-matched peers. Those size 38 pants no longer fit, and he needs a belt on his size 36s now!


Scott remarks that he got a lot out of the exercise physiology sessions, and that exercising right is now a huge part of his life; a sentiment which will hopefully continue into Scott’s next chapter: parenthood. He truly is an exercise superhero!


Story from Jennifer Smallridge, AEP

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