Spring Clean your Routine

As recent studies have shown us, exercise can become boring and leave you feeling unmotivated if you don’t find new ways to keep it interesting.


Fortunately, spring is here and with it is a fresh opportunity to mix up your routine, learn a new sport, and motivate yourself to move. Check out our six top tips to spring clean your routine and overhaul your everyday exercise habits!

6 Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Routine


1. Revamp your sports wardrobe

Did your kicks take a beating this winter? A good rule of thumb is to replace your walking shoes every 400ks.

2. Take your workout outdoors

Studies show that outdoor exercise can have extensive mental health benefits, and with flowers blooming, milder temperatures, and longer daylight hours, there’s no better season to soak up the sun and take your workout outside. If you’re tired of the treadmill, go for a walk with a mate or your furry friend. For core-strengthening exercises, head to your neighbourhood park and take along an exercise mat or ball to do lunges, leg lifts, and planks in the open air.

3. Try a new sport

If you’re feeling a little uninspired with your workout routine, consider a new sport. Why not try something fun and new, like dodgeball or group hula hooping?

4. Find an exercise buddy

Studies show that when you work out with another person, you’re more likely to stick with your exercise routine than if you were to do it alone. Partner up with a family member, your bestie, or your neighbour and schedule a regular workout together. You can take after-dinner walks, set up a weekend date to bushwalk, grab your wheels and hit the bike paths, go for an interval walk on the beach, or rent a canoe or kayak to paddle along a lake or river.

5. Join a charity walk or local fitness event

Besides being a great way to get in shape and give back, joining a charity walk or race is also a good opportunity to set new fitness goals for the season. Sign up for one or more noncompetitive events planned in your area of the country. Training for such a long-distance walk can motivate you to stick to your workout schedule.

6. Challenge yourself

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or exercise newbie, it can help to get some assistance. You can find out how to exercise right for you and your body by consulting a professional. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Exercise Scientist is qualified to take your routine to the next level.


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