What is strength training? A beginners guide

It’s the New Year and many of us would like to start strength training, but what is it?

There are so many guides over the internet on the different types of strength training.

When we talk about strength training, the majority of the population will think of heavy barbells, dumbbells and “moving weight”. However it is not limited to barbell training, there are a number of other equipment you can use to a certain extent.

So what is strength training?

Strength is the ability to produce force, such that the best way to produce force and get stronger is to move heavier weights overtime. It is the baseline of well-rounded fitness.

When we undertake strength training we are asking our nervous system to produce more force in our muscles through the optimal use of our skeletal system. Our nervous system dictates how our body responds to training no matter what sort of training it is.

The main purpose of strength training is to enhance our ability to move more weight over time. When training for general fitness, strength training should take priority because it is the foundation by which all other training becomes productive – even if your goal is not performance based, and you couldn’t care less about how much weight you moved. To exercise well and get the full benefits from exercise, getting stronger is necessary.

Our body changes through exercise, in appearance and performance as our nervous system begins to adapt to the work the muscles to produce force and being able to have better coordination. Our nervous system responds to proper strength training by increasing our ability to produce force and contractile function of the muscles.

What are some of the benefits of strength training?


How to get started?

  • Start off learning the basic movements before loading the joints up
  • Use kettle bells and body weight to start off with then start to progress with dumbbells and barbells where comfortable
  • Get in touch with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to get a program catered to you.


And remember its never too late to start a strength program!