Vicky Graham – True North Wellness


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I have been in the industry for over 25 years but became an accredited exercise physiologist four years ago.


I wanted to help people improve their health and quality of life and I believe moving more is one of the simplest strategies that people can use to do this.


My clients range in ages from children to the elderly with a variety of health conditions and injuries. These might be chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes or recovery from cancer through to musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Many clients have never seen an AEP before and not sure how we can help them. I use simple language and break down lifestyle changes into small sustainable steps. It’s important they feel confident they can make these health changes.


Many do see success over time. Often there are other issues that need to be addressed to allow them to make positive lifestyle changes. It’s important to look at the whole person and not just their physical health.


I think we are only seeing the beginning of what our sedentary lifestyle is doing to our health. We now have children leading sedentary lifestyles that will carry through into adult life. This is when we are going to see the real effects of a lifetime of sedentary behaviour.


As I was previously a teacher I saw the changes that were taking place with our children and their activity levels. Many are not growing up with a history of active play and exercise which makes it harder in adult life to change these behaviours.


My advice to Australians would be to get the right support is important, particularly if there are medical conditions or injuries. Seek out advice from a qualified health professional and an accredited exercise physiologist is the right person to provide that for them.


We have the knowledge, skills and experience to help people improve their health through simple lifestyle changes.


Every day I go into work hoping to inspire and empower people to discover their true health potential.