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X's Story

This client came in with a long history of multiple medical conditions that have prevented him from regularly participating in exercise.  He came in to my clinic thinking that he couldn’t do anything and that his situation was hopeless.  But he came in.  His motivation has wavered as has his self-confidence, but he has continued regardless.


It took us 3 sessions of talking to get as far as doing some exercise, but since then we haven’t looked back.  Progress is slow, but steady.


In his words he… “couldn’t walk from the carpark without difficulty, but now I can walk about a kilometre and a half.  I couldn’t do stairs, now I take the stairs instead of the lift.  I’ve been back to the specialists and my lung function has never been better, for the first time ever there is no crackle.”


We still have a way to go on our journey, but to me it’s clients like this that are the superheroes in this story, and that’s what keeps me motivated in my work.


Story from Rebecca Hallam, AEP

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