Zoe Cole – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I have been an accredited exercise physiologist since 2010 and I especially love those who are extremely dubious at the beginning then before they know it, they are sleeping better, less pain and noticing a big improvement in their quality of life.


I love exercise and sport so initially that is what attracted me to start studying sport and exercise science. However, once I realised how much one could benefit from seeing an accredited exercise physiologist I returned to do further education. It is such a crucial component to the allied health world.


Our bodies are genetically designed to be active. Our gene expression changes depending on our levels of physical activity.


I believe that our current lack of physical activity will have a huge impact in the future. We pride ourselves on being a sporting/outdoors nation and doing well at the Olympics regardless of our population. Unfortunately, I think it’s turned into more spectating rather than being active. If Australians can’t reconnect with the great outdoors and increase the level of physical activity, not only will we have fewer athletes but an increase in depression, stress and anxiety disorders as well as a higher prevalence in lifestyle diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.


My advice to people would be do what you enjoy. Keep experimenting with different activities until something clicks for you. It’s so much more than exercising and playing sports.


It’s how you interact with your friends, family and children. When you first become more active, it’s going to feel a little bit like a chore, but that’s because it’s not part of your routine. Practice makes permanence. Some habits you have been doing for most of your life, so be patient as you try to make some new ones.


Get comfortable with discomfort. In saying that, listen to your body. There is a distinct difference between training hard and over training. If your body sending you alarm bells, take notice…however if it’s just whinging at you, tell it to shut it and keep going!


I wish more Australians would back themselves when they want to make change, not be so hard on themselves when things don’t go to plan and support and care for their family and friends health journey too.