Accredited Exercise Scientists

Who are they?


Accredited Exercise Scientists (AES) are university-qualified professionals with high level training in exercise and sports science. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to improve health, fitness, well-being, performance, and assist in the prevention of chronic conditions.

Who can they help?


Most people! You’ll find an AES working in a range of environments including:

  • Fitness centres, gyms, private practice or business
  • Education, policy and program planning in schools and government
  • Coaching and training in sport
  • Community health and hospitals
  • Health promotion
  • Corporate health, industrial/mining, workplace well-being, employment screening
  • Ageing and aged care

How are they different from personal trainers?


An AES might be working as a personal trainer, but not all personal trainers are exercise scientists. So, what’s the difference? Firstly, an AES is a university-qualified professional who has spent at least three year studying the effects of exercise on the human body. They also:

  • Hold and maintain a valid first aid and CPR
  • Hold and maintain appropriate professional indemnity insurance
  • Complete annual continuing professional development, which insures their knowledge of the latest research and best practice is up to date
  • Abide by a strict Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice


If your trainer is an AES, you can feel confident knowing that they are highly skilled and equipped to help you reach your health and fitness goals.