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Hate the Gym? How to workout without gym membership

So, you’ve decided it’s time to exercise more. Great, but where do you start? For a lot of people, the first thing they do is join their local gym. Sometimes it works out great, but others fall off the wagon after a couple of weeks and spend months (if not years) paying for a membership they don’t use. Before you start throwing money away, let’s find out how you can workout without gym membership.

If you hate it, stop paying for it!

Aussies are wasting a shocking $1.8billion every year on unused gym memberships. A recent survey by Finder found 30% of Australians have a gym membership, but only half of these use it regularly. Many people struggle to find the time to go to the gym, leaving almost 1.5 million of us paying for memberships used less than once a week.

We know it might seems like going to the gym is the only way to get fit, but it’s just not the case.

Gyms aren’t right for everyone…

People get put off by the whole “gym” scene for different reasons. For a lot of people gyms can be really intimidating, especially if you’re new to exercising. A lot of clubs don’t offer much guidance to new members. This can increase the risk of injury and leave you feeling lost. Let’s be honest – some equipment can be super confusing (like, am I supposed to sit on that?).

It can also get really repetitive. Going to the same club to do a similar workout everyday can get old, fast! Lastly, it’s a big financial commitment. The average membership fee for a year gym comes in at $1148 – that’s a lot of money if you’re not using it regularly.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re NOT trying to discourage you from joining a gym. If it motivates you, you enjoy it and you actually use it – GREAT! But if you hate the gym, don’t despair! You CAN get a great workout without gym membership. Here are some awesome alternatives…


Workouts you don’t need a gym membership for!

Get Outdoors. Exercising outside it awesome. The fresh air, sunshine and a killer view can keep you feeling motivated. Hop on a bike, go for a run, take a hike, do a circuit – the opportunities are endless.

Body Weight Training. A lot of people think you need heavy weights or expensive machines to get strong, but it’s not the case. There are plenty of exercises that strengthen your muscles using only your body weight (think push ups, squats, triceps dips, lunges). If you be a bit creative, you can use things like park benches as makeshift exercise equipment!

Join a Sports Team. A team environment is great for keeping you motivated. It will also increase your chances of sticking to regular exercise. Research shows that people who participate in sports also enjoy better mental health, are more alert, and more resilient against the stresses of modern living.

Mix it Up. Perhaps the best thing about not having a gym membership is that you’re free to mix up your routine. Try different studios and classes, like yoga, dancing, Pilates or boot camps. To save money, look for discounts and specials on sites like Groupon.

Exercise should be conducted under the guidance of an exercise professional, especially if you have any health concerns, chronic conditions or are new to physical activity. Find and contact your local Accredited Exercise Physiologist here.