Why your pooch is your pawfect exercise partner

Do you own a doggo? You’re not alone, over 60% of Australians own a dog. We all love our four-legged friends who are vital parts of our family and as today is International Day of the Dog we wanted to point out a few great facts.

They keep you active.

YES – it’s true! Dog owners are about four times more likely than other people to meet today’s physical activity guidelines, according to a large-scale study of dogs and exercise.

It can be hard to muster up the motivation to take yourself for a walk, but when Fido is sat there giving you literal puppy dog eyes, it’s hard to say no. Research shows that those who own a dog, walk significantly more than those who don’t, on a weekly basis.

Having to take the dog for a walk is a great excuse to engage in outdoor activities, and they provide a strong motivation to make physical activity part of your regular routine. Walking has huge benefits to both your physical health, including:

  • Improved posture
  • Decreased neck and back pain
  • Improved glucose and insulin responses

Read more about the benefits of walking here.

They get you outside.

There’s an abundance of research to suggest that exercising outdoors reduces feelings of stress and improves mood.

Fresh air and sunshine perk you up; the dose of Vitamin D from sun exposure helps fight mental conditions such as anxiety and depression, and is also great for bone health, and the fresh air releases the serotonin, the feel good brain chemical, making you feel perkier than you may have done when inside.

They reduce stress and anxiety.

There is research to suggest that the company of your pet can have effects on reducing stress and anxiety, in turn reducing blood pressure. They are your most trusted confidant, and non-judgmental friend. Want to know more about exercise and how it can support your mental health? Download our free eBook here.

It’s free!

Although your dog may cost you a small fortune in food, treats, vet bills and fancy dress outfits; taking him for a walk is completely free, and absolutely priceless in terms of the benefits to your health!


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