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7 Winter Workout Tips

It’s officially winter. And it can be especially hard to drag yourself out of bed and do a workout on those cold, dark mornings. But with all the benefits that exercise offers, it’s important not to stop working out altogether. Here are our winter workout tips to help keep you moving…

1. Wear lots of layers

As you exercise, your body generates heat. This can make you feel like it’s much warmer than it actually is, and you’ll start to sweat. As your sweat evaporates, it pulls heat from your body and you feel chilled.

The solution? Dress in layers! That way you can remove them as you start to sweat and put back on as needed. Layers also help to trap warm air, keeping you nice and cosy.

Here’s how to layer up for winter workouts:
Base Layer – Start with a thin base layer made of synthetic fabrics to help pull sweat away from your skin.
Middle Layer – If it’s super cold, wear a middle layer (like a fleece).
Outer Layer – This protects you from wind, snow, and rain (winter is so lovely, right?!).

2. Drink up

You might not feel as thirsty during you’re working out in the cold, especially compared to those summer sessions! But you’re still losing fluids through sweat and breathing in lower temperatures. Make sure you drink enough water to keep you hydrated. The amount of water you need depends of a lot of different factors, including your sweat rate and the environmental conditions.

3. Dress dry

Having wet fabric against your skin will pull heat away from your body, leaving you cold and miserable! This is because water is an efficient heat conductor — it moves heat away from the warmest area (your body) to the coldest (outside).

So how can you dress dry?

Avoid cotton – it soaks up sweat and rain and holds in moisture. Try synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. These are light and are designed to dry quickly.

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4. Find a friend

If you’re struggling to stay motivated (we get it!) find a friend to workout with. You’re much less likely to hit snooze and bail on a workout if you’ve got a friend waiting for you. Plus, like most things in life, it’s easier with friends!

5. Mix up your routine

Winter has it’s challenges, but there’s always a way around them. Too dark? Try exercising during your lunch break to make the most of the daylight. Weather too bad? Try moving your workout indoors, either at the gym or even just in your lounge room! Not motivated? Try a new class and mix up your routine to make exercise more enjoyable.

6. Protect your extremities

When it’s cold, blood flow is concentrated in your body’s core, leaving your head, hands and feet vulnerable. If it’s very cold outside, consider wearing gloves, warm socks and a hat or beanie for extra protection.

7. Warm Up (literally)

You should always do a warm up, regardless of the season. But it’s especially important to prepare properly for winter workouts. Dynamic warm-ups increase blood flow and temperature in the muscles to help decrease the risk of injuries. Start slow and gradually increase the intensity.

Want more winter workout tips?

If you’re not sure where to start or you’re struggling to get motivated, your local exercise expert can help. They will be able to prescribe safe and effective exercises that are tailored to your specific needs. They will also help you to set realistic goals and stay motivated.

To find an expert near you, click here.

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